Blog Posts

2019-08-07  ·  english
Improve accuracy of character-level text classification with the deep learning framework Keras, using n-gram extraction inside the model via convolutions.  
2019-03-24  ·  deutsch
In diesem Blog-Post werden wir mit einfachen ML- und NLP-Methoden versuchen, Bundestags-Reden dem Politiker zuzuordnen, der sie gehalten hat.  
2019-02-02  ·  english
Last week, I finished a new lecture on intent recognition — a branch of natural language understanding — as part of the codecentric.AI bootcamp.  
2019-01-29  ·  english
With Bert Besser, Myriam Traub and Veronika Schindler, we prepared an introductory lecture on natural language processing (NLP) as part of the codecentric.AI bootcamp.  
2019-01-28  ·  english
Soon after joining codecentric I got the opportunity to contribute to the upcoming codecentric.AI bootcamp, a learning platform focused on machine learning and deep learning.  
2018-10-09  ·  english
The key idea of category theory is that mathematical objects should be studied in terms of their relations to other objects rather than in isolation, and usually come with some natural classes of maps.  
2018-09-30  ·  english
I recently stumbled over unexpected links between quantum groupoids and functional programming: both share important concepts from category theory.